• Helping moms manage their own back-to-school anxiety

    We’ve all seen those back-to-school ads: kids look depressed while moms look positively gleeful, happily dancing through the aisles of an office supply store as they lob pencils and glue into their carts. But in reality, moms are often anxious at back-to-school time. They worry about everything from how they’ll get everything on the school supply list to how their…

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  • How parents can cope with their own back-to-school anxiety

    As a psychologist who specializes in working with anxious parents, and as a mom who specializes in little boys (I’ve got two), I can tell you that those back-to-school ads featuring ecstatic parents who gleefully lob pencils and glue into their shopping carts at the office supply stores aren’t entirely accurate. Back-to-school time can be even more depressing and anxiety-provoking…

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