• Talking parental malaise with the New York Times

    I was so glad to speak with Jessica Grose, opinion writer for the New York Times’ Parenting, for this piece about the parental malaise many of us have been experiencing since life has returned to “normal.” I underscored what I often tell patients–that engaging in values-consistent activities is a crucial coping strategy. Grose put it so well when she said…

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  • Talking parental decision fatigue with Vivvi

    I’ve spent so many sessions with patients discussing anxiety over decisions, both COVID and non-COVID-related. It seems like we parents are constantly called upon to make choices, and after 2+ years of too many choices we are exhausted. I was so happy to partner with Vivvi’s Jessica Pallay and Not Safe For Mom Group‘s Alexis Barad-Cutler to discuss how to…

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  • What to do when you see your kid struggling with the things you struggle with

    I was excited to contribute to this piece by the always-excellent Jessica Grose for The New York Times Parenting. It can be hard when you see your kid struggling with the exact same things you struggle with. (And I can also completely relate on a personal level, as my older son is basically a sports-loving version of me.) The upshot:…

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  • Mom Brain Holiday Tip #3: Think about the worst-case scenario

    What if I can’t find my kid that toy they desperately want? What if I run out of time to turn my house into a Winter Wonderland? What if I can’t manage to get my holiday cards sent out? These types of worries often send my mom patients into a holiday anxiety tailspin. In response, I ask them to consider…

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  • Panicking about new kid behaviors? Try following the two-week rule.

    My son had a very difficult time transitioning back to school, and I panicked. Would it always be like this? Should I send him to a new school? What could I do as a parent to make things better? Turns out, my panicking was for nought. My son adjusted, and now he’s fine. In reflecting back on the experience, I…

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  • Mom Brain Q&A with Motherwell Magazine!

    Motherwell is one of the very best sources of parenting writing. It’s also one of the first places I published my work when I began writing, and I’ve been fortunate to publish several pieces on their site over the years. So I’m so thrilled that they’re featuring a Q&A about Mom Brain. I got to answer some really interesting questions…

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