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  • How toddler moms can manage anxiety

    When my older son was an infant, I was repeatedly told that things would get much easier for me once I “made it through the first year.” Having now made it through the infancy and toddlerhood of two kids, I can say with certainty that things did not, in fact, get any easier when my kids turned one. On the…

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  • What We Miss When We’re Always Waiting

    Six months ago, while I was innocently opening the fridge to grab a yogurt for my two-year-old son, he snuck up behind me and bit me on my butt. My scream heard ‘round the world (or at least ‘round my kitchen) ushered in The Terrible Twos, an era that my older son seemed to bypass entirely but my younger son…

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  • When motherhood is nothing like what you expected

    Here is a piece I wrote for Scary Mommy, about managing expectations for motherhood: My children, Jenny, Jamie and Tracy, are currently lying face up in a box in my closet. Perhaps I should clarify. These three children are part of my vast and beloved doll collection, which I started when I was 4 years old and got my first…

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  • Stop Telling Moms How They ‘Should’ Be Breastfeeding

    Here is a post I wrote for Scary Mommy, where I discuss the pressure to breastfeed and the guilt that can ensue when moms cannot (or do not want to) nurse: When I think back to my nursing days, I am flooded with images: falling asleep with my son in my arms in the middle of the night; wrestling with…

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