• Mom Brain Holiday Tip #2: Just say screw it!

    Today’s Mom Brain holiday tip: Just say “screw it!” Lots of my mom patients spend time worrying about how things will go when they take their kids to holiday celebrations. Where and how will their kids nap? What will their kids eat? How will they maintain their kids’ schedules? Moms scramble to control what is essentially an uncontrollable situation: kids…

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  • Mom Brain Holiday Tip #1: Overwhelmed? Try this!

    Overwhelmed this holiday season? Try what we call graded task assignment in CBT, which means breaking big tasks down into smaller steps. Make a list of the things you need to get done. This includes gift shopping, house cleaning, food prep, packing for travel, etc. Break the list down into several discrete, manageable steps, and assign yourself (and your family…

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  • Eight Tips for Surviving the Holidays With Young Kids

    It’s no secret that the holidays can be incredibly stressful, especially for moms of little ones. Here’s a list of eight cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies for surviving the holidays with young kids. Set appropriate expectations: Those first few holidays with little ones will likely not be magical, thanks to the completely unpredictable nature of young kids. Set your expectations low,…

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  • How moms can cope with holiday stress

    It always happens around this time of year. Moms come into my office, their faces contorted with shame. They sit down on my couch, take a deep breath, and reluctantly confess that they hate the holiday season. Every year at this time I find myself consoling moms who feel extremely guilty about hating the holidays. I don’t know where this…

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