• Talking parental decision fatigue with Vivvi

    I’ve spent so many sessions with patients discussing anxiety over decisions, both COVID and non-COVID-related. It seems like we parents are constantly called upon to make choices, and after 2+ years of too many choices we are exhausted. I was so happy to partner with Vivvi’s Jessica Pallay and Not Safe For Mom Group‘s Alexis Barad-Cutler to discuss how to…

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  • What to do when you see your kid struggling with the things you struggle with

    I was excited to contribute to this piece by the always-excellent Jessica Grose for The New York Times Parenting. It can be hard when you see your kid struggling with the exact same things you struggle with. (And I can also completely relate on a personal level, as my older son is basically a sports-loving version of me.) The upshot:…

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  • Talking “Mom Brain” with Katie Lowes on Katie’s Crib!

    I was so thrilled to talk to Katie Lowes–a wonderful actress and advocate for moms and maternal mental health issues–for her excellent parenting podcast “Katie’s Crib.” We discussed everything from learning to show yourself compassion as a mom, to dealing with mom-shamers, to effectively navigating holidays and vacations with little ones. I hope you enjoy the episode as much as…

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  • Last Mom Brain Holiday Tip: Take care of yourself!

    Last Mom Brain holiday tip: Take care of yourself! I filmed this last week, before everything with COVID started going really haywire (again). But I think the advice is even more important now, as moms are in overdrive—there’s the the holidays, kids being home because of COVID, and mounting anxiety over, well, everything. During the holiday break, it’s critical that…

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  • Mom Brain Holiday Tip #5: Set a (very loose) schedule

    As much as we often look forward to holiday breaks, they can be *very* anxiety-provoking for moms of young kids, who often find themselves staring down long, cold days without any schedule or plans. It can help to set a (loose and easily adjustable) schedule for each day, even if the schedule looks something like: Wake up, eat breakfast, take…

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  • Mom Brain Holiday Tip #4: Make sure to delegate!!!

    Attention moms! You are NOT the only one who can make the holidays magical for your kids! Make sure you delegate holiday responsibilities so that other family members are doing their share. Play to everyone’s respective strengths when dividing tasks…and be aware that your family members might not do things exactly as you would! But that’s ok-it’s a small price…

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