• Momfluencers and mental health with Jessica Grose in NYT Parenting

    I’m so excited to read Jessica Grose’s new book, Screaming on the Inside: The Unsustainability of American Motherhood (out 12/6). An excerpt from the book–which includes quotes from a discussion she and I had about the impact of momfluencer culture on maternal mental health–is featured in the New York Times Parenting section today. It features one of my favorite pieces…

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  • Perfectionism, comparison-making, and more on the Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books podast!

    I’ve been a big fan of Zibby Owens and the Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books podcast for years, so I was thrilled to be a guest myself! We talked about all things Mom Brain, including coping with social media comparison-making and learning how to mom a little less perfectly. The link to the episode is here. Hope you…

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  • Talking Mom Brain with Peds Doc Talk!

    I loved talking momfluencers, maternal anxiety, and post-baby partner relationships with Dr. Mona! She represents the best of what Instagram has to offer-she’s a pediatrician and mom with smart, relatable advice for parents. Click here to access the Peds Doc Talk podcast episode we did together-it’s live now. And follow Dr. Mona at @pedsdoctalk on Instagram (and me at @DrCBTMom!).…

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  • I talk with Parents magazine about new moms on social media

    I was excited to talk with Jenn Sinrich of Parents Magazine about a topic I discuss literally all the time with mom patients–new moms on social media. Social media can be incredibly anxiety and guilt-inducing for moms. As noted in the article: “There are always going to be those super-toned moms who post pictures of themselves and their gorgeous, seemingly…

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  • “Nothing here is promised”

    I’ve been trying for over a week to write something about the tragedy in Parkland, Florida. All of the recent mass shootings in America have affected me deeply, but for some reason, this one has been impossible for me to process. Perhaps because there has been so much coverage of the students and parents of Parkland, who are speaking so…

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  • Let me reassure you: Reassurance seeking doesn’t work

    “What if Eve doesn’t make the soccer team?” “What if the other moms in the play group don’t like me?” “What if this pain in my arm means that I have a serious illness?” If you often find yourself asking “What If?” questions like these, you might be a “What If?” mom. “What If?” moms are anxious about uncertain future…

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