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  • Celebrating the “New Mom Friend” on Galentine’s Day

    I speak often (too much?) about how much I love the show Parks and Recreation and the character of Leslie Knope specifically. One of my favorite Leslie bits involves her made-up holiday of Galentine’s Day, which falls on February 13 (today!). Leslie describes the holiday as follows: “Oh, it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13, my…

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  • When feeling #grateful is not enough

    From a distance, Emma is the picture of good fortune. Her nails are flawlessly manicured, her makeup expertly applied. She somehow maintains a neat ponytail, despite the windy weather outside, and her perfectly tailored silk blouse and pants are accented with tasteful, elegant jewelry. Yet from where I’m seated, in a chair directly across from her, I can see that…

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  • Telling Moms That You Appreciate Them Is Important. Take it from me.

    It’s almost Mother’s Day, a perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of telling moms that you appreciate them. I didn’t realize just how important this was for me personally until a stranger in Shop Rite commented on my parenting and changed my perspective. I don’t know his name, and will probably never see him again, but this letter is for…

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  • When moms struggle with the pressure to be grateful at Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, right? But sometimes, moms have a hard time feeling grateful, even if they lead seemingly rewarding lives. I wrote this piece last Thanksgiving in an effort to free moms from the pressure to be grateful. I think this message is even more relevant this year, given what’s been happening in our country. It can be…

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  • What to do about ungrateful kids

    A smart, funny friend of mine who’s a mom of four coined the term “funishment” to describe those times when you take your kids to super-fun, kid-friendly activities and they act as if they’re being punished (whining, crying, etc). I feel like I’m often “funishing” my kids, and was reminded of this phenomenon when I read a recent advice column…

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