Mom Brain Holiday Tip #3: Think about the worst-case scenario

What if I can’t find my kid that toy they desperately want? What if I run out of time to turn my house into a Winter Wonderland? What if I can’t manage to get my holiday cards sent out?

These types of worries often send my mom patients into a holiday anxiety tailspin. In response, I ask them to consider what the worst-case scenario would be if, say, they couldn’t get that toy for their kid, or their house didn’t get decorated, or they didn’t get their holiday cards out.

What moms always come to realize: their kid will manage if they don’t get that toy (and will likely forget all about that toy in a matter of days/weeks). Their house might look crappy, but it won’t spoil their holidays. Their loved ones won’t be offended (or even, dare I say, notice?) if their holiday card does not arrive.

Asking yourself to consider the worst-case scenario is a great way to put holiday stressors into perspective.

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