Mom Brain Holiday Tip #2: Just say screw it!

Today’s Mom Brain holiday tip: Just say “screw it!” Lots of my mom patients spend time worrying about how things will go when they take their kids to holiday celebrations. Where and how will their kids nap? What will their kids eat? How will they maintain their kids’ schedules? Moms scramble to control what is essentially an uncontrollable situation: kids are in an unfamiliar environment, likely over-sugared and over-gifted, with people they don’t normally see. I encourage my patients to release the pressure on themselves to control everything, because they won’t be able to. (And as far as I’m concerned, kid holiday tantrums are inevitable, regardless of how much moms try to control their schedules). Instead, I urge moms to try their best to enjoy the holiday, knowing that they’ll return to their routine when they get home.

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