• Mom Brain Q&A with Motherwell Magazine!

    Motherwell is one of the very best sources of parenting writing. It’s also one of the first places I published my work when I began writing, and I’ve been fortunate to publish several pieces on their site over the years. So I’m so thrilled that they’re featuring a Q&A about Mom Brain. I got to answer some really interesting questions…

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  • My back to school resolution: To stop trying to facilitate everything for my kids

    Last school year, I worked really, really hard to facilitate everything for my kids, in an effort to compensate for all the pandemic took from them. But it turned out all this facilitating was for nought-it didn’t help my kids, and actually compromised my own ability to take care of myself. As a specialist on maternal mental health, I was…

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I’m Ilyse Dobrow DiMarco, Ph.D., aka DrCBTMom. DrCBTMom.com combines the expert advice of a self-help book with the warmth and readability of a mommy blog.
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