Moms! Keep a “mom diary” for a day, and you might be featured in The Washington Post!

Moms! Interested in keeping a “mom diary” for a day, which might be featured in an upcoming article in the Washington Post On Parenting?

I’m writing a piece on maternal emotions and want to include actual emotion monitoring from real moms. If you’d like to participate, please keep a feelings diary for one day, noting down all of your emotional highs and lows (and in-betweens), as well as information about the situation that inspired those highs/lows. Here are some examples of entries:

“Home from a long day of work and so angry at my partner, who was home all day and did not do a single dish.”

“Annoyed at my neighbor’s judgy comment on my Instagram post about our vacation.”

“Filled with joy seeing my teen finally back outside, playing sports with his friends. But also already mourning the loss of him, after having had him under my roof for a whole year.”

Any emotions (good or bad or indifferent) or combination of emotions is fair game, as are any situations that inspired those emotions. I hope to include as many of the diary entries as possible in the piece. And I do plan to include authors’ names, so only share your diary entries if you’re comfortable with your name being printed.

Please send your responses to by April 20th. You can  also respond via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook (@DrCBTMom). And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. I’m so excited to hear from you!

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