This Mom BrainStorm brought to you by…Cabbage Patch Kids

I was having a tough day yesterday and ended up in my son’s room, taking a moment to hold (read: hug) my old Cabbage Patch Kids, Tracey and Jamie. I’m not exactly sure why I was drawn to these beloved fixtures from my past, but spending a mindful moment with them was actually helpful for me. They reminded me of a time in my past when things were simpler and easier. And they also got me thinking: if they have endured for almost 40 (!) years, perhaps I and my family and the rest of us will endure, too, and get through this god-awful time in history. And this honestly gave me a little bit of hope. If you’re having a tough time, for whatever reason, consider spending a mindful moment or two with something beloved from your past. At the very least, it will give you some comfort. And at the most, it will give you some hope, which all of us sorely need right now.

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