Introducing Mom BrainStorms! Today’s topic: Nighttime mom meltdowns

Hi Everyone! In the weeks leading up to Mom Brain’s publication, I’m going to be sharing Mom BrainStorms–short videos featuring some tidbits from the book. Today’s Mom BrainStorm highlights how you can avoid a nightly adult meltdown by doing regular emotion check-ins. Start by setting a timer on your phone to go off every few hours. When you hear the alarm, stop for a moment and consider how you are feeling. If you notice that you’re having a hard time, think about what you can do to effectively cope *in that moment:* Text a friend? Ask for help? Secretively watch clips of your college a cappella group on your phone while pretending to do something productive (Anyone? Just me?) You can actively work to cope even if you’ve got kids hanging off you (stay tuned for more on how to be mindful with kids around). Check-ins ensure that bad feelings don’t build up during the day and end in a dramatic nighttime tantrum.

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