Mom Brain book: Now available for pre-order!

Hi all! So excited that after a COVID-related delay, my new book, Mom Brain, is available for pre-order (out May 9!). My goal in writing the book was to share effective, easy-to-use strategies in the voice of a fellow mom in the trenches. (Unlike other self-help books, this one is light on clinical jargon and heavy on Real Housewives references). I also share plenty of my own parenting stories, so stay tuned for some of my greatest hits (personal favorites include: kid bites me on the butt; kid covers himself, entire room in baby powder). In the weeks leading up to the book’s publication I’ll be sharing lots of glimpses into the book, here and on social media (@DrCBTMom on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter). I can’t wait for you to read it!

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