All the “everyday things” we’re missing during the Coronavirus quarantine

I was happy to have the opportunity to speak to Kelly McCarthy of ABC News about all the “everyday things” we’re missing during the Coronavirus quarantine and what we can do to cope.

The upshot: it is absolutely normal to miss even the most mundane aspects of our former lives. Because our day-to-day routines give us a sense of control and predictability, and when we lose this, anxiety ensues.

I’ve mentioned the importance of setting a schedule/routine for yourself during these times, to help you feel more in control. In this article I also recommend creating a list of things you want to do whenever this is all over. But be sure not to attach a timeline to this list. If you attach your plans to specific dates (e.g. “Ben leaving for sleepaway camp on June 28th”), you’ll just feel anxious as these dates approach and disappointed if/when they pass and we’re still in the midst of this crisis.

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