Corona-Momming Tip #8: Keep a diary of “mom wins”

Since way before this whole Corona-mess started, I’ve been encouraging my mom patients to keep a diary of “mom wins.” Because, let’s face it: we moms tend to focus on all the things we do wrong, and rarely if ever give ourselves credit for the things we do right. I ask my patients to note down anything positive they did as a parent, whether it be finally getting their kid down for a nap or successfully navigating the preschool admissions process or talking their kid through a school bullying situation. I recommend that moms revisit this list during the (many) low moments of parenting, to help remind them of their (many) parenting successes.

I think we moms need to keep a diary of wins more than ever now. Because we are all working so, so hard to manage our own lives and our kids’ lives amidst uncertainty and chaos. We also aren’t getting a break at all. Ever. We are momming 24-7. And yes, we are losing our minds and yelling at our kids and letting them watch tons of screens. But we’re also shepherding them through a third grade curriculum and making every single meal for them and serving as their emotional supports, their ports in this crazy Coronavirus storm.

So please, moms, start keeping your diaries. Any time you do something positive as a mom, write it down. And revisit this list during all the low moments (again, there will be many), to remind yourself of how hard you’re working and how very lucky your kids are to have you in their corner.

I will be sharing snippets of my own diary in a future entry, and I’d love you to share yours! Please reach out to me via email ( or on social media (@DrCBTMom on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).

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