Children’s Mental Health Week in the UK

Children’s mental health has been in the news this week, as it’s Children’s Mental Health Week in the UK. We pay such close attention to our children’s physical health, but we’re far less vigilant about their mental well-being. Just as we adults can struggle with anxiety, depression, and other issues, so too can kids. But unlike adults, kids might not have the language to express their feelings or directly ask for help. It’s up to us adults, then, to monitor our kids’ mental health, encourage them to speak up if they are struggling, and help them access the help they need.

The wonderful image/poem accompanying this post is from @allontheboard. I’d also like to point you towards an important piece from the Washington Post’s On Parenting. As the piece points out, having a depressed child does not make you a failure as a parent. The author outlines several steps you can take to get your child the help they need.

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