Some greatest hits from the last two months….

I constantly challenge moms to stop “shoulding” all over themselves. Which is why I feel compelled to confess that I’ve been stuck in a “should storm” of my own, as it’s been weeks since I posted on this blog. This is due to a perfect storm of end-of-summer beach vacation, back-to-school insanity, and looming book deadline. Every week, I’ve thought of things to post, and every week, I’ve “should-ed” all over myself for failing to post them.

Today I decided I was sick and tired of “shoulding” all over myself, and vowed to post something to the blog, even if it was only a greatest hits of the parenting writing I’ve most enjoyed in the past two months. In no particular order:

  • An important article from the New York Times Parenting emphasizing that there’s no “right” way to feel after suffering a pregnancy loss. This reflects a message I often give patients: that we can’t control how or what we feel, that feelings are often complicated and confusing, and that all feelings are valid and acceptable.
  • An exploration of one of the consequences of multi-tasking–being more likely to “lose it” with your kids.
  • A spot-on piece about the rage many mothers feel, yet don’t believe they are allowed to acknowledge.

Hope I’ll be able to return with my regularly scheduled posts soon. And I’ll stop “shoulding” on myself until I do!

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