I talk with Parents magazine about new moms on social media

I was excited to talk with Jenn Sinrich of Parents Magazine about a topic I discuss literally all the time with mom patients–new moms on social media. Social media can be incredibly anxiety and guilt-inducing for moms. As noted in the article: “There are always going to be those super-toned moms who post pictures of themselves and their gorgeous, seemingly well-behaved children,” says Dr. DiMarco. “They’re usually displaying the killer healthy salad they made or reminding you about how important self-care is, especially for successful entrepreneurs like themselves—and by the way, their 4-year-old is doing well with her Mandarin lessons, thank you very much for asking.”

However, social media can also be a wonderful source of support for moms. The trick is to find the spaces and people that really speak to you and your values. In the article, I share some thoughts about how to successfully navigate social media as a mom, including the importance of considering the messenger (that is, thinking about whether the person who posted is someone with whom you share values, and therefore worth listening to). Hope you enjoy!

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