Dr. CBT Mom Book Club Selection! “Fleishman is in Trouble” features some amazing writing about motherhood

I don’t often recommend fiction in my professional life, but whenever I encounter amazing writing about motherhood, I feel compelled to speak up. In Fleishman is in Trouble, Taffy Brodesser-Akner captures the complex emotions of motherhood so succinctly and perfectly. It’s an incredibly nuanced and thoughtful take on the motherhood experience, which can by turns be joyful, overwhelming, boring, anxiety-producing, and soul-crushing. Here’s just a small snippet:

“Across the aisle from us sat two women wearing yoga pants. One was enthusiastically feeding a baby in a stroller, making big eyes and mouth and noises with every bite in a desperate bid to drown out the noises in her head about her life choices.”

I highly recommend this book–it is an incredibly validating read for any mother who has struggled with motherhood (by which I mean, every mother!)

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