• When moms struggle with the pressure to be grateful at Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, right? But sometimes, moms have a hard time feeling grateful, even if they lead seemingly rewarding lives. I wrote this piece last Thanksgiving in an effort to free moms from the pressure to be grateful. I think this message is even more relevant this year, given what’s been happening in our country. It can be…

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  • How to manage your stress and anxiety as a working parent

    I was honored to have the opportunity to speak with Sarah Argenal at Working Parent Resource about how CBT can help with parental anxiety and overwhelm. My podcast episode is #38, and can be accessed via itunes or stitcher. Sarah’s podcast and workshops are terrific resources for parents looking for support and guidance as they try to navigate their home and working lives.…

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  • The importance of acknowledging how hard it is to parent

    I love this piece from Motherwell: “And in my experience, full-time caregiving for young children, while it can be rewarding, can also be incredibly isolating, stressful, and both emotionally and physically demanding. Even the worst, most outrageous boss is an adult who observes minimal pro-social norms. For the most part people at work won’t follow you around the office screaming hysterically…

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