• It’s the summertime. So why am I anxious?

    It’s summer! Time for barbecues! And swim parties! And lazy afternoons spent basking in the sun! Summertime is fun time! Right. Right? Here’s the thing about the summer, though. Routines get upended. Kids aren’t in school and may be away from home for several weeks (or even several months). Work schedules become lighter or more flexible. Families often go away…

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  • When It Makes Sense Not to Give a F*

    Here’s my most recent piece for Scary Mommy, about how I made a conscious choice not to care so much on the day of my nephew’s bar mitzvah.  What I’ve learned–and what I share with my patients–is that we parents often find ourselves in situations in which we simply cannot have control (like, for example, a bar mitzvah on a…

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  • So much pressure to nurse, so little support

    Interesting piece from NYTimes Well on the pressure to nurse, written by a pediatrician who attempted to “practice what she preached” and nurse for a year: “The experience made me deeply aware of how much this advice I give is asking of women, and how hard it would have been to do this if my own life were less privileged…

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  • Turning frustration with your kid into a teachable moment

    My patients and I read (and love) The Washington Post’s On Parenting. I particularly like this piece, as it illustrates how you can turn your frustration with your kid into a teachable moment about the importance of emotional expression.

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