• All Joy and No Fun

    I love Jennifer Senior’s All Joy and No Fun. It points out that parenthood is far from the “sunshine and flowers” experience that American parents somehow come to expect. I often recommend it to patients; it validates their experiences and helps them feel more compassionate towards themselves (which is a major mission of cognitive-behavioral therapy!) Senior recently sat down with Motherwell to discuss…

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  • Over-scheduling kids: Not good for them (and not good for us!)

    This piece about over-scheduling kids reminds us that the best way to encourage our children’s creativity is to provide them with free play time. I’d add that over-scheduling kids also impacts parents’ creativity and well-being. Constantly shuttling children from one activity to the next leaves us with little time/energy to engage in creative thinking (or any type of thinking that doesn’t involve…

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  • What We Miss When We’re Always Waiting

    Six months ago, while I was innocently opening the fridge to grab a yogurt for my two-year-old son, he snuck up behind me and bit me on my butt. My scream heard ‘round the world (or at least ‘round my kitchen) ushered in The Terrible Twos, an era that my older son seemed to bypass entirely but my younger son…

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