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  • #WellnessWednesday Video Tip: Managing vacation stress

    Here’s a hard lesson I had to learn when I first became a parent: “Vacation” is not synonymous with “relaxation.” If you’re looking for a low-stress, relaxing vacation, you’re not going to find it if you’re traveling with young kids. Vacations can actually be more anxiety-provoking than routine weeks at home. When we’re away from home, we don’t have control…

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  • Vacations with young kids are not relaxing

    When I was a kid, I took an annual summer vacation with my parents and two older siblings to Long Beach Island. Here’s a snapshot of our car trip down and back: my brother blasts Bruce Springsteen on his Walkman in an effort to drown out the showtunes playing on the car stereo. When my sister inevitably starts belting out…

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