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  • When It Makes Sense Not to Give a F*

    Here’s my most recent piece for Scary Mommy, about how I made a conscious choice not to care so much on the day of my nephew’s bar mitzvah.  What I’ve learned–and what I share with my patients–is that we parents often find ourselves in situations in which we simply cannot have control (like, for example, a bar mitzvah on a…

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  • To Cope with Holiday Loneliness, Start by Listening

    I’d like to start out this post about overcoming holiday loneliness by sharing a snippet of a conversation I heard this morning at my local grocery store: Mom 1: You know that movie A Christmas Story? At least two channels play it on loop from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day. Mom 2: Looks like we’ll be going to my uncle’s…

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  • You don’t have to bow to the pressure to be grateful

    Here’s a piece I wrote for Scary Mommy, about coping with the pressure to be grateful at Thanksgiving: It’s November, that time of year when the gratitude-industrial complex once again launches its campaign to educate us about the endless benefits of gratitude. When everyone from NPR to Oprah urges us to be thankful for what we have. And who has…

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